Chuck Norris Thanks Truckers During Fighting Through COVID-19

Chuck Norris Thanks Truckers During Fighting Through COVID-19

Chuck Norris is one of the most iconic martial arts actors. Chances are, you’ve heard a “Chuck Norris joke” at least a handful of times.

The action hero has a long history as being one of the most hardcore stars on television. From his beginnings in films such as Bruce Lee’s “The Way Of The Dragon” to being the lead roll in “Walker Texas Ranger”, his round-house kicks will send bad guys running.

Well, one of Americas most beloved action stars is showing his support for truck drivers across the country.

Truck drivers have been facing multiple challenges since the start of the year. 2020 is showing even worse results for the industry.

The new year brought about a large trucking crisis. Many of the older workforce with the most skill is leaving the industry to retire. As for the young and new recruits, the numbers are not nearly equal. Many truckers are working extra time to make up for the lack of new drivers.

Another issue is with COVID-19. With the industry already overextended, the threat of the pandemic has been devastating. The already extended workforce was pushed even further by the virus.

With closings all through the country, many rest stops were left closing. Stores left without hand sanitizers or the proper precautions were lining the sides of highways. Truck drivers did not receive the proper care to run supplies. The limited supply of drivers was threatening to upend the industry.

Chuck Norris Gives Support For Truck Drivers

“GP Transco and I would like to thank all the truck drivers for delivering goods during the COVID-19 time. You guys go above and beyond and without you, we wouldn’t have food on shelves, medical supplies, and other important things.”

Chuck is a strong supporter of the American economy. His ability to help spread the virtues of the American way knows no bounds.

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