Electric Trucks During COVID-19

Electric Trucks During COVID-19

The thought of using electric trucks has caught wind. Since its inception, many have wondered about the future for truck driving careers. The trucking crisis has brought many to the idea that self-driving systems could be the potential new future.

Elon Musk Developed The First Electric Truck

Tesla hit the scene in late 2019 to unveil not only the Cybertruck but a whole new line of Electric self-driving semi trucks. The plan was to sell a limited run to large-scale investors like Walmart and Target.

The plan was to launch by the end of 2022 and have a few on the road by the end of that year. Since COVID-19 has hit the global economy relatively hard, Tesla has been no exception.

Trucking Crisis Leads To Electric Truck Speculation

The trucking crisis was a problem, and for many in the industry, they needed a solution. One of these solutions (albeit being far off) was switching owner-operators and fleets over to electric. This cut down on a large numbers that cost the industry billions per year.

With many companies looking to fill the large gap that the trucking industry was in, having multiple trucks in self-operation can save.

COVID-19 Has Pushed These Prospects Of Electric Trucks

The world is going to have to wait a little longer. COVID-19 has put a standstill to world industries. The fuel industry is a major hit, and the development of self-driving cars is moving at a snail’s pace. This will pick back up once the gears start rolling again.

Tesla has also been on the wire as of recently, asking for his company to receive federal aid in order to continue their work. Also, the low cost of fuel once things move into place will push the buck on electric sales down the road. Until then we can only wait.

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