Hotels For The Homeless Population Become Permanent

Hotels For The Homeless Population Become Permanent

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SAN DIEGO, CA – San Diego’s Housing Commission has partnered with the city to purchase two hotels, destined for conversion. They’re to become permanent housing for the homeless.

God forbid, you lose your residence. Becoming homeless in America is a shockingly common trend. An estimated 151,278 individuals currently experience homelessness in California alone. Secondly, thirty-eight people out of 10,000 people are without abode. It’s not a fun life. There’s confusion, sadness and desperation intertwined with the whole narrative of fending for yourself on the streets.

To give you an idea of how pained one can feel for these individuals, my high school once offered the opportunity for a class to sleep under the overpass next to homeless people. And I really wanted to go. It just seemed like it’d be a fun way to understand them while having some adult supervision. My parents weren’t the biggest fans of it, however, so I ended up not going. But sometimes I wonder what that future would’ve looked like if I did go. Would I even be involved with writing or would I involve myself more with philanthropy?

In any case, it’s a good thing that San Diego and the hotels is doing for it’s community.

After six months, the City of San Diego is purchasing both Residence Inns Hotels in Kearny Mesa and Mission Valley for an exact $106.5 million dollars.

332 affordable apartments between the two hotels are drawing upon the city, county and state funds for the rooms to become habitable. According to Scott Marshall of the SDHC, the hotels had a very low-maintenance level. “They didn’t require a lot of work for people to move in.”

Health care, life skills training and employment assistance will guide the homeless to better livelihoods. If approval’s given, they’ll move into them by Christmas.

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