Issues Facing Trucking During Pandemic

Issues Facing Trucking During Pandemic

Truck driving is a hard job. There are plenty of issues, to begin with. It takes guts and grit to travel across the country in order to keep supplies stocked. One of the main reasons why you are still able to obtain the necessary products and supplies is thanks to truckers. But, during this time of the global pandemic, many truckers are finding new obstacles when making their rounds.

Issues With Limited Access to Bathrooms.

Many cross country goers are having trouble finding rest stops that are properly stocked, cleaned or open. With the economy taking a huge hit and self-isolation in places across many states, truckers are finding it difficult to maintain the proper care they need in order to their job. For many, bathrooms have become few and far between. The ones that are open, are reporting limited supply of hand soap and toilet paper. Not ideal for those spending the majority of their time on the road.

Thievery Issues

While many truckers stop to take a break or sleep, they are left vulnerable to thieves. Now, thievery was already a major issue prior to a pandemic, but seeing as how goods and products are in low supply, many more are susceptible to thievery. Reports have grown of trucks being robbed while the driver sleeps, and the current strain on necessary products is reflective of that. Unfortunately, with a lack of cars on the road and truckers becoming more spars, this means fewer eyes are peeled and issues are more frequent to happen.

Gas Stations Closing Down

One of the biggest issues to hit truck drivers is the now limited resource of gas stations in more rural areas. Gas stations in small, isolated locations are still considered “essential”, many are not staying open long enough for truckers to be able to refuel. The lack of traffic and people moving across the country has hit independent gas stations hard. This is becoming an added strain on the driver who is already pushing through truck stops left and right in search of the necessary essentials.

Truckers Are Unsung Heroes

While these issues now face an already hard job, these men and women of the trucking industry are devoting every waking hour to supply America with the essentials to continue. From a rural town in Maine to big cities like Los Angeles, drivers are burning the oil necessary to help Americans in this time of need. Currently, stores are staying afloat with the basic items that they have. This is all thanks to truck drivers. They push through not having hand sanitizer and the basic supplies in order for you to have them. To truck drivers across the world: Thank you!

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