Most Expensive Cars in the World
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Most Expensive Cars in the World

Auto shopping is always pricey; but what are the most expensive cars ever sold? While many of us fret over having to spend (give or take) upwards of $15,000, the five most expensive cars in the world blow that number out of the water.

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

Lamborghini named this Roadster after the Spanish word for venom or poison. The Veneno looks deadly, too. Sleek and low, it isn’t hard to imagine this car as a predator. Lamborghini celebrated its 50th anniversary with the creation of the Veneno. The 2013 Geneva Motor Show was the first public event to showcase it. It solid for $4.5 million.

Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

It’s a two-of-a-kind car, so no wonder it’s so expensive. Koenigsegg originally intended to make three of the CCXR Trevita but eventually pulled back to two units total. The top speed is 254 MPH. It features a diamond weave carbon fibre finish, an inconell exhaust system, and carbon-ceramic brakes. The brakes are ABS-equipped and the car also boasts a tire monitoring system. So owners can ride safely for the cool $4.8 million they each spent.

Bugatti Divo

Named after French racer Alvert Divo, the Bugatti Divo can reach a top speed of 236 MPH. Albert Divo won the Targa Fliorio twice in the 1920s while driving Bugatti’s, so the tribute makes sense. The company only ever produced 40 units and they were all pre-solid before the public debut even occurred. (They sold out the first day the were available, no less.)

Asking price? $5.8 million.

Mercedes Benz Maybach Exelero

The V12 turbo-engine on the Maybach Exelero may be one of its top selling points. Goodyear (yes, the tire company) commissioned it to test their new Carat Exelero tire range. This four-seated tops out at 213 MPH. Jay-Z featured this beautiful Mercedes in one of his videos. Coming in second, the Mayback Exelero sold at $8 million.

Rolls Royce Sweptail

And to round out our list, we have the Rolls Royce Sweptail. A customer commissioned Rolls Royce in 2013 to create this luxurious vehicle. The only thing known about that customer’s identity is that they were a specialist working with aircrafts and super-yachts.

The Sweptail debuted at the 2017 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este event. It took four years of design and engineering before Royce released it to the public eye. As the most expensive car ever sold, it raked in $13 million.

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