Pets While On The Road: Trucking Loses Its Loneliness

Pets While On The Road: Trucking Loses Its Loneliness

San Diego, CA – Pets are always a great companion. In the house or on the road they help give comfort and break the silence of long trips and lonely nights.

Now, more than ever, truck drivers are looking for company on the road – a no – its not your friendly neighborhood truck stop employee, its pets!

From dogs to cats, drivers are looking to keep themselves from tiring or getting to bored while driving long distances. Much like Tom Hanks’s character in Cast Away, it’s nice to have someone to talk to – even if they can’t talk back….or a volleyball.

It is also a growing method for getting animals out of the shelter and into a new and caring home.

“I saw Toby at the animal shelter 2 years ago,” says Driver Dale Langstrom. “Some of these trips can really take their toll on your mental health. With a little buddy next to you, you don’t feel as alone and it gives you something to work for while on the road. Since then, he’s been the best co-pilot!

With the current global pandemic, the trucking industry is seeing longer driver-times and more exhausted drivers. The mental health factor also comes in.

Pets Help Driver Well-Being

“Some trips feel like you’re in that movie Cast Away,” says Langstrom. I I found myself just talking about situations in my head that never existed. At the start, Toby (a cat) was extremely nervous about being in the cab. It was a good experience to have considering I was pushing 14-hour workdays. Having a cat that needed your attention was tough, but he quickly adjusted. You just have to give them time and love.”

Some may say that having a pet can cause distractions within the cab, but for many, the right training and care is all they need to keep a safe and caring road.

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