Sleeper Berth Trucks: A Full Home

Sleeper Berth Trucks: A Full Home

An adequate sleeper berth is important to many truck drivers. Often, they must travel across the country and sleep in the back. While most trucks consist of a sleeper cabin, some drivers have taken to the task of turning this into a small home.

The Rise of Large Sleeper Cabins.

In the late-mid ’80s, the Trucking industry was in good sights. Many owner-operators became incredibly successful. With that increased success, they decided to boast. Drivers would dump “truck-loads” (heh) of money into rebuilding and refurbishing their sleeper berth. Turning the small cabin into a comfortable studio.

A Large Sleeper Berth can be Cumbersome

Now, many will instantly point out the size difference between a standard sleeper cabin and one that has been completely rebuilt into a home. The size of the cabin presents a whole new set of driving variables that a trucker needs to look out for. The added weight is one of the largest factors of creating a home out of a sleeper berth. Good luck carrying any wet goods and/or heavy reefer trucks. The added weight of the full-sized cabin will take away the load that you can carry, by at least a couple thousand pounds.

They Can Interfere with The Turning Radius of a Truck

The extra length on the truck due to the berth can create awkward and clunky turning radiuses. The turning point is increase by at least 15 feet. Making sharp turns and/or trying to make a 90-degree back up into a spot is next to impossible unless you’re a pro. On the plus side, the only ones able to afford the extended berth are the one’s pro enough to make the money to do it. We can safely assume they have it handled.

An Extended Sleeper Berth Is Super Cool

We’ve written plenty of stories about how to convert sprinter vans and school buses into actual homes. The only difference is that you have to actually construct the casing extension…as well as the entire truck itself. This is a hearty task to take on, but a rewarding one. If you have the opportunity to check out what the inside of one of these looks like, you should certainly take it. Many truck drivers end up furnishing the cabin with plenty of decorative features, often creating an entire mobile home away from home. Where a person can convert a van to adequately live in it (even if it might be missing a floor) these sleeper conversions are fully decked out with some of the latest comfort amenities.

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