Truckers: Survival Tips

Truckers: Survival Tips

Truckers experience long, tiring workdays. It’s important for them to pace themselves out so that they don’t overdo it.

Aside from having to stay in their trucks, they were experiencing a lack of access to food, restrooms, and supplies during COVID-19.

Since the pandemic has been happening for some time now, of course, the dimness has cleared up a bit. At least gas stations and rest stops are open now. However, there are some facilities that prohibit public usage of their restrooms.

Being on the road for hours on end can be tedious and downright demanding. Being overworked can take its toll on someone, especially if the shift is during an odd time.

Also, instead of seeing new routes every workday, sometimes the drive can become repetitive. Even though having a routine like this can be comforting to some, a lack of new sites can make a person feel like they’re stuck.

How Do Truckers Stay Sane?

Since all of the more experienced truckers are at the age of retirement, the trucking industry is in dire need to hire drivers. People are afraid of the stakes. Being away from family. Weird hours. The list can go on.

So what’re some tips for truckers?

Tip #1: Take advantage of rest!

Taking advantage of rest stops is necessary. Whether it’s closing your eyes for a few minutes, or watching a few YouTube videos, this is a must. Nurturing the body is a staple so make sure having some fuel (body fuel) is accessible. And don’t forget to do your stretches!

Tip #2: Meditating throughout the day!

Meditation can sound intimidating but all you need is a couple minutes of a peace of mind. This can be deep breaths to harmonize your mind and body. This can also be listening to instrumental music, or listening to a podcast. Whatever helps your mind stay calm.

Tip #3: Do a little bit of art!

There isn’t a lot of time for this but to keep the mind creating, this needs to be molded into your routine. This can be a doodle once before bed, or a journal entry before you start your work day. A place to reflect your thoughts.

There’s a lot you can do to pace yourself throughout the day.

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