Truck Drivers: Thank Them

Truck Drivers: Thank Them

Truck drivers are doing what they can to help America. Are you currently utilizing the benefit of your TV? Perhaps your laptop is what is giving you comfort during the lockdown. Is your fridge stocked? Or how about your medicine cabinet? Do you have enough emergency supplies? Well if you do, make sure to thank a truck driver!

Truck Drivers are Keeping America Together

Despite what is currently happening in the world, truck drivers are doing everything that they can to keep America moving. From stocking stores to prescription medications, truckers everywhere are working long hours and traveling long distances in order to get people necessary and sometimes life-saving items.

Public Support Shows Up For Truckers

With everything happening currently, public support for truck drivers has grown exponentially. From small towns showing up for truckers and holding signs that they care, to food trucks showing up at schools that have been converted to rest stops and helping truckers who are having difficulties finding the proper necessities to continue their deliveries.

For others, leaving pre-paid gift cards to local restaurants and convenience stores have had a positive effect for those working long hours to deliver the necessary supplies across America.

Drivers “Do Their Job”

Drivers across the country recognize that they are seen as “heroes” but some are still adamant that it is simply their job.

“I consider it doing my job. Being a hero is very warming to your heart for anyone but, you know, heroes are the ones that save lives,” said Ingrid Brown of Watauga County, a driver currently out of delivery.

Another driver, Graham Hinsch says that the signs and support are appreciated. The thought of getting folks water and food is what keeps him on the road.

“With so many people not working many of us don’t want an extra dime and are happy that we aren’t getting flipped off or dealing with the many others who were driving daily before.”

It is important to remember who works to make sure America is still fed and well equipped. It is truck drivers and they work to make sure you are safe while under the stay-at-home protocol. To drive drivers currently out helping the country we say thank you!

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