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According to California law and the FMCSA, in order to operate any commercial truck, you need Liability Insurance. Liability Insurance is the most basic form of insurance coverage.


Because the purpose of the commercial trucking business is to ship goods, it is important for every company with commercial vehicles to have Cargo Insurance.


When you are in the trucking business – or other commercial auto business – your vehicle is your main source of income! What if an unpexpected accident occurs?

Welcome to San Diego Truck Insurance!

The Best Commercial Auto Insurance for Your Business


Commercial trucking (and other commercial vehicle businesses) is constantly growing and getting higher in demand.
To succeed in making your commercial auto business grow and thrive, you'll need the best insurance services.
And for that – you’ve come to the right place with San Diego Truck Insurance. For decades, we have helped a range of both small and big
trucking businesses, motor carriers, and owner operators to get affordable, reliable coverage.


We provide a whole range of services for a wide array of commercial trucks and trailers. Whatever you might need- from liability insurance, cargo insurance and physical damage coverage to med pay, worker's compensation, and more... we can help you. San Diego Truck Insurance cares about your business just as much as you do.
So, from here on out, let us carry the worries of your trucking business and call us for all of your commercial auto insurance coverage.


Explore our website and/or give us a call at (858) 251-1557 for any commercial auto insurance coverage you need in California!
Our great policies and great prices will help keep your business protected.

Semi Truck Insurance

 Semi-trailer trucks transport a great amount of various goods across the country. Are all of them insured?

Car Carriers Insurance

 Car carriers, open or enclosed, are designed to efficiently transport passenger vehicles via truck.

Tow Truck Insurance

 Owners and operators of tow trucks carry someone's property and the responsibility to keep it safe.

Dump Truck Insurance

 It's a large sized car. When there is a collision involving a vehicle of such size, the damage is quite extensive.

Tanker Truck Insurance

 Tanker trucks are to transport liquids, gases and other materials which are considered high risk.

Bobtail Insurance

 Bobtail and Non-Trucking Insurance are often used interchangeably, but they are not quite the same.

Garbage Truck Insurance

 If you have a garbage truck in business, neither you, nor your clients can afford losing...

Cement Truck Insurance

 To use a mixer cement truck in your business, you are going to need cement truck insurance.

Dry Van Trailer Insurance

 Dry van is the most common type of trailer in the trucking industry. Find out how to protect it.

Container Insurance

 Containers have standard diamentions to transport freight over long distances.

Flatbed Trailer Insurance

 Have a simple design allowing them to carry heavy cargo as vehicles, machinery and other objects.

Refrigerated Trailer Insurance

 Refrigerated trailer allows shipping fast decaying goods like food, flowers, etc. over long distances.
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