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What is a Benefit Corporation?

In the US, a Benefit Corporation, or b-corporation, is a type of for-profit corporate entity. This type of entity includes a public benefit. It is authorized by 33 states as well as the District of Columbia. If you file your company as a b-corporation, it basically means your company also includes a positive impact on

  • society,
  • its employees,
  • the community, and/or
  • the environment

So, the company does this while also working according to its legally defined goals and making a profit. This is the difference between a B-corporation and a Nonprofit Corporation, which runs on charitable donations. Usually, B-corporations are not too much different from C Corps. In fact, some C Corps may decide to change to a B-Corp if they state that they do provide public benefit.

Let San Diego Truck Insurance Help You File as a B-Corporation

Unsure if your company qualifies as a B-corporation? At San Diego Truck Insurance, we understand how difficult and sometimes confusing the paperwork and regulations for filing your corporation can be. Knowing the rules, and benefits, to filing under a specific corporation is important! So, let our team guide you through the qualifications and regulations of your corporation filing. Our knowledgeable agents can help you determine if you qualify to file as a benefit corporation and assist you in the process.

So, simply contact our office to speak with an agent about the details of your business! Then, they can help you step-by-step through the process. At San Diego Truck Insurance, we’ll make the legal side of things easy for you, so you can get back to your business.

Just contact San Diego Truck Insurance today for more information about filing as a Benefit Corporation!

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