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Bobtail Insurance

Bobtail Insurance

If you’re leasing a truck, Bobtail Insurance is necessary. This insurance is reliant on the type of freight delivery jobs that a trucker does. It is also dependent on whether the truck is not under the driver’s direct authority.  Bobtail coverage is for those who drive a truck without a trailer, but this is necessary even when the trucker is not on dispatch. Because even if you’re careful, accidents can happen.

Is bobtail insurance right for you?

Bobtail insuracne is often misunderstood as non-trucking insurance. Many truckers assume that if they have non-trucking insurance that both themselves and their bobtail have protection in an incident. Although, non-trucking insurance only covers truckers when they are not hauling or on-duty. The coverage is limited.

Bobtail coverage, on the other hand, provides ample protection. Although non-trucking insurance may be more affordable, it provides less protection for your bobtail. Bobtail insurance covers you and your truck, whether or not you are on dispatch.

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