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Calstart Puts Forth Effort to Help Small Fleets With ZEV Transition

Calstart Puts Forth Effort to Help Small Fleets With ZEV Transition
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Calstart, a California-based nonprofit that is devoting to clean transportation solutions. It has launched Transforming Trucks; Transforming Communities. It is really a one-stop shop that features news, resources, and tools. It is aiming at small fleets. The new virtual hub which does aims to make it easier for the small fleets to transition to zero-emission vehicles.

Calstart – Small Fleets

Moreover, the small fleets do make up the majority of commercial vehicles that are on the road today. Though they have not been adequately representing in zero-emissions incentive programs. That is, in fact, jumpstarting the transition for commercial trucks in California, Calstart said.

Small fleets make up the vast majority of commercial vehicles on the road today, yet they haven’t been properly representing in zero-emissions incentive programs that are jumpstarting the metamorphosis for commercial trucks in California, Calstart said. Not only do small fleet owners face very high costs and lots of planning. There is also a huge gap in education around the benefits of the transition. That, what the process looks like, and what’s actually possible for a successfully transitioning fleet.

Moreover, the website is going to be updating continuously say to feature the latest zero-emissions vehicle industry news. They provide educational information about electric trucks, how they work, where to find them, and how to implement them into small fleets today. As the platform grows up, Calstart will feature fleet electrification success stories.

“The small business is commercial trucking fleets in the U.S. Moreover, it is most of the news and information circulating about zero-emissions trucks which are focusing toward large, well-funded fleets,” said Niki Okuk, deputy director of CALSTART. “Transforming Trucks, Transforming Communities are designed to close that information gap. Then, make the ZEV news relevant to small- and medium-sized fleets do find it easier to find and act on.

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