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Car Carriers Insurance

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Auto transport services are high in demand. Car carriers provide auto transportation for many businesses. These include car shipping companies, dealerships, and car manufacturers. Haulers may have high revenue, but accidents can be costly.

A car carrier owner can avoid high costs for repairs when they get the correct truck insurance policy. The more vehicles the car carrier holds, the more valuable the insurance. That’s why it’s important to get reliable car carrier insurance at a reasonable rate.

What is the right car carriers insurance for me?

San Diego Truck Insurance knows you value your business. So, let our company worry about insuring your car, so you don’t have to! As a car carrier in California, obtaining liability insurance is legally required. Liability insurance safeguards any property or bodily damage that might be inflicted if a driver gets into an accident. Although, not all insurance varieties are required, we recommend a few to fully protect your business.

First of all, Physical Damage Coverage is important financial coverage for your car carrier in any unwarranted event. It includes both collision insurance and comprehensive insurance. Collision insurance covers accidents or crashes while comprehensive insurance covers natural disasters or vandalism. Another viable insurance is Cargo Insurance. Thankfully, cargo insurance helps manage the financial burden of lost, damaged or stolen cargo.

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