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Cement Truck Insurance

Cement Trucks are commercial vehicles often transporting to, or from, construction sites. These trucks carry forming concrete in a revolving drum or a “mixing drum.”
This continuous rotation keeps concrete from solidifying.

Therefore, the correct mode of transportation for this concrete is necessary, as well as the correct insurance for the vehicle transporting it. Having a truck with a cement mixer can be a great investment, but only with the right insurance. That’s why San Diego Truck Insurance is here to help you find the right cement truck insurance for your specific needs!

Wondering what kind of cement truck insurance is right for you?

At San Diego Truck Insurance, it is our goal to find the correct coverage at an affordable price. In order to legally operate a cement truck in California, Liability Insurance is necessary. Liability insurance covers accidents that are the driver’s fault. There are many other insurance options, but we recommend that you also get Physical Damage Coverage and Property Damage Coverage for your truck.

Firstly, Physical Damage covers consists of two parts Comprehensive Insurance and Collision Insurance. The former protects your truck in any event that is out of the operator’s control. Thus, protects your truck from things like theft, vandalism or fire. Next, collision insurance provides relief from the financial burden of a collision, regardless of who is at fault.

Property Damage Insurance is also important. This coverage plan ensures that your property, or property of those involved in the accident, is properly covered.

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