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Container Insurance

Containers are versatile for transporting goods. Therefore, they ship by train, truck or ship. Whether it’s within the state or international, containers have many destinations. Like Dry Van Trailers, they don’t have special features like temperature regulation. Although, containers are different from dry van trailers because they can easily be moved between modes of transport without being loaded or unloaded. Unfortunately, the versatility of these containers also makes it hard to insure them. But, as an experienced agency, San Diego Truck Insurance can help find a customized coverage plan for you!

Do you need Container Insurance?

Because these containers can easily accrue loss and are prone to risks, container insurance is vital.  First of all, intermodal trucking is a specific type of trucking that transports containers but doesn’t handle the cargo itself. As an intermodal trucker, or a trucker who handles containers, it is important to have the right coverage.

All intermodal truckers must meet UIIA regulations. These regulations can be complicated, and difficult to navigate yourself. Let San Diego Truck Insurance guide you through the process.  

Our live agents can help find the right insurance for you. With over twelve years of experience, San Diego Truck Insurance can develop a customized coverage plan for you at a reasonable rate.

So, call San Diego Truck Insurance today! Or, get a free quote on our website!

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