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County Heat Wave Could Break Records

County Heat Wave Could Break Records

A heat wave that weather officials expect to hit over the weekend could break heat records for San Diego County. The National Weather Service announced that an excessive heat warning for the county’s deserts will go into effect at 10 a.m. on Thursday. The warning will last through Sunday at 8 p.m.

Saturday is expected to be the hottest day of the weekend heat wave. San Diego County could see temperatures reach as high as 119 degrees on that day, officials say. Saturday could also come with high winds, increasing the danger of a wildfire igniting.

While the coast will mostly be spared from the heat, inland areas could be dangerous for residents. Inland cities like Jacumba and Ocotillo Springs will need to watch out for heat-related illnesses. Because of this, drivers on Interstate 8 should take extra precautions.

Heat wave could affect drivers and their vehicles

When temperatures get this high, everyone must be careful to avoid significant health concerns. Forecasters recommend staying in air-conditioned areas and drinking lots of water to avoid heat stroke. It also helps to know the signs of heat stroke. Such signs include:

  • Nausea
  • Not sweating despite a high body temperature
  • Dizziness and slurred speech

Most of the time, mild symptoms like those above can be mitigated with fluids and resting in the shade. If the person starts to struggle to stay conscious, though, you should call 911.

Drivers along Interstate 8 should also take precautions for their vehicles. While cars and trucks have air conditioning, making them comfortable for passengers, excessive heat can damage their internal processes. Excessive heat can degrade a vehicle’s battery, which is already under strain from the air conditioning.

Additionally, experts advise drivers to check their tire pressure before driving during extreme heat. Such heat can cause blowouts, which can lead to greater damage. Times like these are reminders of why it’s important to protect your vehicle beyond just the basic required insurance coverage. Policies like umbrella insurance can help you repair your truck or car after weather-induced failures. That way, you can drive in peace knowing that you can handle anything that comes up.

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