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What is “DBA”?

“Doing Business As” or DBA, refers to how a company or corporation files the name of its business. Sometimes, companies operate under a name different from its legal, registered name. Meaning, while customers might know the business as one name, legally it is something else. Some states require DBA for the protection of consumers working with the entity.

Doing Business As

Thus, if you have a sole proprietorship or a partnership of some kind, you have the option to choose a business name, or DBA, for your company. In fact, sole proprietors generally use DBAs the most. This allows you to file under a name that is different from your own, or different from the company’s legal name, for your customers to refer to you as. It is important to note, however, that filing your business name as a DBA does not make it trademarked.

In addition, in general, you must register a DBA with your local or state government. In California, for example, you must register your DBA with each county that you do business in. There are other rules and regulations required as well, which San Diego Truck Insurance can help you with!

Let San Diego Truck Insurance Help You File Your DBA

Are you ready to file your company’s DBA name? Are you unsure of the exact procedure and paperwork you need to do so? Don’t worry, because our agents at San Diego Truck Insurance understand how intricate and confusing the filing processes can be! That’s why we are here to help you with all your commercial auto business needs. Our experienced, educated team can walk you through the process of filing your DBA and make everything easy and simple for you. We are eager and ready to help you with all of the requirements and necessary paperwork you need to get your business up and running legally and smoothly.

Just contact San Diego Truck Insurance today and we’ll give you more information on filing your DBA!

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