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Flatbed Trailer Insurance

Used for carrying a wide variety of materials, flatbed trucks can be very profitable. Whether it’s heavy machinery or construction materials, these versatile carriers are an asset to any business. Transporting large, difficult materials comes with profitable advantages.

However, without the correct insurance, any accidents that may happen to you, or your cargo, can result in a financial burden. Therefore, it’s important to get a well-tailored Flatbed Trailer Insurance plan for your particular needs and San Diego Truck Insurance is here to help!

Do I need Flatbed Trailer Insurance?

Flatbed Trailer Insurance is necessary due to the high-risk factor of operating a flatbed trailer. Unfortunately, flatbed trailers tend to fishtail when it’s windy, causing difficulties for the driver. Also, their hitch mechanism design makes flatbed trailers prone to theft. Not to mention the other problems that may arise when operating a flatbed trailer. Accidents happen, so let San Diego Truck Insurance help you prepare for these unpredictable incidents!

Regardless of what insurance plan you choose, Liability Insurance is a must. Firstly, liability insurance is required to operate a commercial vehicle in the state of California. If your flatbed trailer hits another vehicle or object, this coverage plan will pay for the damage. Physical Damage is also another important protective measure. This protects your trailer in the event of a collision or incidents that are not at the fault of the driver, such as vandalism, theft or fire.

So, get the right San Diego Flatbed Trailer Insurance today and contact us!

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