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FMCSA Cracks Down On Household Goods After Move

You are currently viewing FMCSA Cracks Down On Household Goods After Move
FMCSA has been aware of a new scam.
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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration made the announcement of a new operation that had specifically been aimed at a particular swindle that was known to be moving household-goods-moving-scams, known also as Operation Protect Your Move. This is all coming in ahead of time at the beginning of the busy summer season. The FMCSA keeps sending out multiple investigators all over the country in an enforcement draw to address how it can potentially become higher upon the range of complaints of movers holding household possessions hostage in order to have extortion of huge amounts of additional charges from consumers.

Investigators have been addressing complaints all around moving companies and brokers out from compliance with federal safety and consumer protection regulations and statutes.

Such an Operation is able to cover the brokers and the movers, all with the connection of consumers towards local movers without the need to facilitate fraud by scam promotion. U.S. Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg will be asking consumers to plan a move, All with the intention of “protectyourmove.gov” going live in order to protect yourself from moving scammers. Many complaints were filed with the FMCSA all with the allegations of companies of utilizing deceptive business practices that can cause consumers with high fees, while delays have been experienced in the reception of household goods with some cases being revealed in the lack of possessions received.

Complaints have been filed with the FMCSA as they allegedly saw companies utilizing wrongful service. The FMCSA believes that there will be opportunities for it to well-document violations with the authority to go over and revoke the licenses of mover and brokers. There are all sorts of potential criminal misconduct that can be referred to the U.S. Department of Justice for more investigation. Also, the FMCSA is going to work right with consumers in order to guide around the process, with an opportunity to claim money and goods back.

The Operation itself is an indication that there are plenty of efforts that had been planned over the several months for the addressing of non-compliant household goods that have been moved between brokers and companies, according to the agency. This is all a necessary service that needs to be actively sought after in order for this fraud to be better avoided.

Who is to say that household goods being moved around in such a risky way is a rational option to be struck down? The consumers affected by it, surely.

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