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Garbage Truck Insurance

Garbage Trucks are vehicles utilized for transporting discarded items from residential areas to disposal sites. Also known as trash trucks, these commercial vehicles are valuable in every-day life.

Interestingly, garbage trucks are usually privately owned. There is always going to be demand for garbage trucks and it is a great financial asset. Although, garbage truck incidents can be costly. If you don’t carry the right insurance for your garbage truck, repairs can be costly.

Which San Diego Truck Insurance is right for you?

With San Diego Truck Insurance agency, we provide the best in commercial truck insurance at an affordable price. Our agents will help you get the right coverage for you at a reasonable rate.

If you or someone in your business is operating a garbage truck, you need Liability Insurance. Liability insurance covers your garbage truck in the event of a collision at the fault of the driver. Garbage trucks are bulky vehicles that can cause a lot of damage— but liability insurance can ensure that the damages it causes are taken care of.

Another precautionary insurance that is beneficial to you and your business, is Physical Damage Insurance. This consists of both Comprehensive Insurance and Collision Insurance. Firstly, comprehensive insurance protects your truck in the event of fire, theft or vandalism. Also, there’s collision insurance. This protects your vehicle in the event of a collision, regardless of who is at fault. There are also more insurance options that you can discuss with a live agent, like Umbrella Insurance, Med Pay, and more!

So, call our live agents today, or get a free garbage truck insurance quote online!

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