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Insuring Refrigerated Trucks

Insuring Refrigerated Trucks
Not getting the right coverage could leave you in some hot water.

Back in the early 1940’s, the trucking industry got a great idea. Add to their cargo trucks the new refrigeration technology that became popular twenty years ago. This way, they could ship perishable items further across the country. Fast forward to today, and refrigerated trucks haul over $7 billion worth of economic value each year. It’s a large section of the trucking industry that accounts for over 500,000 trucks on the road today. Industries rely on refrigerated trucks to get their products shipped without spoiling their contents. In fact, over 90% of all food is transported on refrigerated trucks.

Refrigerated trucks, or more commonly known as “Reefers”, are now a mainstay in the trucking industry. One could argue that they are integral to the functionality of America. They progressed to hauling more than just food. Flowers, fine art, cosmetics, medicine, and electronics also travel in temperature-controlled trucks. These items need to be maintained at specific temperatures. If the temperature in the truck wanes even a few degrees, the contents could spoil, which could mean bad news for the driver and owner of the truck. This makes having the proper truck insurance imperative to any driver.

How is Truck Insurance different for Refrigerated Trucks?

Refrigerated truck insurance has all the coverage of regular truck insurance with the addition of Refrigeration Unit Breakdown Coverage. This is to cover you in the case of spoilage. Hauling expensive items like electronics or medicines could result in serious damage claims if they were to spoil in high temperatures. One would like to think that Motor Truck Cargo Coverage would cover the refrigeration, but that is not the case. This is because cargo insurance only covers the cases of natural disasters, vehicle accidents, cargo abandonment, customs rejection, acts of war, and piracy. None of this would be the case if the refrigeration unit malfunctioned.

This is why it is important to get the added Refrigeration Unit Breakdown Coverage. You don’t want to be crossing the hot Anza-Borrego Desert on the way to San Diego with a broken refrigerator unit. Many trucking companies will apply for blanket coverage for their entire fleet. This will include liability coverage, physical coverage, and motor truck cargo coverage. However, it is imperative to mention any refrigerated trucks in your fleet. This way, the insurance agent can assure you that you have full coverage for every vehicle in your fleet.

If your company needs to cover their refrigerated truck, give San Diego Truck Insurance a call. For over 16 years, they provided San Diego truckers with insurance coverage to suit their needs. From one truck to a whole fleet, they take the risk away from your business.

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