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Kenworth and Other Truck Dealerships Are Running Low On Semi Trucks

Kenworth and Other Truck Dealerships Are Running Low On Semi Trucks
Kenworth is running out of options.

Kenworth is already reporting new semi-truck outages for 2022. In turn, this is forcing the trucking company to look for other used truck alternatives. Within the time of January 4th, the Kenworth dealership has sold their semi-trucks through 2022. The dealership is looking to show through with potential buyers. Gary Wenke, the truck sales representative for a facet of Kenworth had this to say.

Wenke says “When we’re allocated the trucks, we have to call our customers and say they wanted 10, we have to tell them, ‘Sorry, we want to get you trucks, but we can only get you five this year.”

Certainly, the shortage affects buyers of brand new rigs but also it affects the supply and prices of used rigs.

Kenworth Is Suffering From The Shortage

Austin Bristol, “It is hard to find good quality used trucks. Anything we do find, we are bringing it into our shops, doing the DOT inspection, making sure they’re truly road-ready before they leave.”

Those interested in buying a new truck mention that the rising in price is odd. It allows for used trucks is still far from subtle.

Matthew Knudson says, “We’re looking to upgrade to a different truck to haul grain with from the farm to the elevator or from the field to the elevator. A truck you could probably buy for $40,000 a year ago, you’re probably going to pay $60,000 for it now.”

Truck Financing Succeeds Where Kenworth Fails

With newer prices, truck financing is impossible. Todd Sipe, being a sales consultant at Truck Center Companies says, “These finance companies are looking at financing a truck that has 700,000 miles on it, and they’re looking at the numbers like how do we make this work? But, you’ve got to keep freight moving, you’ve got to keep food in the grocery stores, and they’ve got to make it happen.”

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