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California Liability Insurance

According to California law and the FMCSA, in order to operate any commercial truck, you need Liability Insurance.

This is the most basic form of insurance coverage. For any accident that occurs at the fault of you and your commercial vehicle, liability insurance will cover all the costs, so you don’t have to worry!

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance includes two types of coverage:

Property Damage: This occurs when your commercial vehicle damages another vehicle, building, object, or other element of someone else’s property. Your liability coverage will pay for repairs or replacements of property damaged in an accident

Bodily Injury: This is when someone gets hurt during an accident with your commercial vehicle. Liability insurance pays for anything to do with the injury. This might include hospital bills, medical expenses, nursing care, or other expenses. The expenses depend on the type of injury and on your policy.

In addition to these types of expenses, liability coverage also covers any legal and lawyer fees. If your company gets sued because of an accident, this protects you. Having protection for these accidents is crucial and required for any commercial truck.

So, before getting your business on the road, make sure you have liability insurance! That’s where San Diego Truck Insurance comes in.

San Diego Truck Liability Insurance

Our skilled, knowledgeable agents here at San Diego Truck Insurance are eager to get your business up and running. We can get you the best liability insurance coverage for the needs of your business. We work with many different insurance carriers and types of commercial businesses! Therefore, we have the experience and expertise to provide exactly what your company needs.

Make sure you have the best protection in case of an accident with your commercial vehicle! Use San Diego Truck Insurance for all your commercial auto insurance needs.

Contact us at San Diego Truck Insurance today for more information or to receive a free quote for Liability Insurance!

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