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Get back on the road
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24/7 claim report available to avoid major delays and unnecessary losses.

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What is an MC number?

An MC number is an identification number given to a company in addition to a DOT number. This number signifies interstate operating authority. Basically, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires some companies to have this.

An operating authority is referred to as an “MC,” “FF,” or “MX” number. The name depends on the type of authority granted. You might need multiple operating authority numbers depending on the operations of your business. The authority you receive determines the type of operation your company can run and/or what type of cargo you can transport. But, since not all companies with commercial auto vehicles need this authority, it is important to check the requirements first.

You DO need an MC number if your company:

  • Provides transportation for compensation for passengers in interstate commerce
  • Transports (or arranges transport for) any federally regulated cargo

You DO NOT need an MC number if your company consists of:

  • a private carrier (you only transport your own cargo)
  • a carrier operating only in a federally designated “commercial zone”
  • carriers that only transport non-federally regulated cargo

How do I apply for an MC number?

Before you start running your company, you need the right types of operating authorities to make sure everything meets legal requirements. After you determine this, it will also be easier to figure out what types of insurance policies you need! Then, the process of getting an MC number can take 20-25 business days for new applicants. For existing carriers, applications can take 45-60 business days.

Filing for an MC Authority with San Diego Truck Insurance

The process of setting up your commercial auto business can be overwhelming. That is why our team at San Diego Truck Insurance works hard to help you start your business more easily! Our agents can walk you through the process of applying for an MC number and any other authority you need. We can also discuss all the operating authority and insurance requirements for your business with you.

With San Diego Truck Insurance, you are not alone in the process! We will help you with every step along the way, no matter what type of commercial auto business you have. Give us a call today and we can help you get your business on the road.

So, contact us at San Diego Truck Insurance today for help filing for MC Authority!

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