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Get back on the road
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24/7 claim report available to avoid major delays and unnecessary losses.

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What is a Motor Carrier Permit?

Firstly, to obtain a motor carrier permit, one must first receive a CA Identification number.

The DMV’s Motor Carrier Services Branch issues documentation called the motor carrier permit. This provides evidence that you have registered with Highway Patrol to receive your registered CA #. This number is used to identify trucks. Additionally, it verifies that your truck has met all requirements to operate legally in the state of California as a motor carrier.

As of 2016, it is required that motor carriers obtain a Motor Carrier Permit, as well as a U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Number.

Do you need a Motor Carrier Permit?

If the following describes you or your business, then you need to get a Motor Carrier Permit (MCP).

  • Any person or business who transports property. It does not matter what type of vehicle, size, or weight.
  • Any person or business operating a vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Weight of over 10,001 pounds (whether it’s private or for commercial use)
  • Anyone who transports any hazardous materials.
  • Any operator of a combination of truck and trailer.
  • Anyone whose vehicle requires a commercial driver’s license.

And, to get an MCP:

  • Ensure you have a CA #
  • Complete an application for MCP
  • Prove financial responsibility
  • Proof for Worker’s Compensation or signed exemption.
  • Requester code (only if transporting hazardous materials)
  • Payment

Getting an MCP with San Diego Truck Insurance

We know that creating your commercial auto business can be difficult. That’s why at San Diego Truck Insurance, we are here to help set up your business! This way, it’ll be much easier and convenient for you. And, our live agents can walk you through getting an MCP or any other application process you need help with. Additionally, we can answer any other questions you have about insurance or operating requirements!

Remember, you’re not alone with San Diego Truck Insurance! We can be your ally and partner through all your commercial auto business needs, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Call San Diego Truck Insurance today to speak to one of our live agents or get a free quote online!

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