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California On-Hook Towing Insurance

If you own or run a tow truck business, you experience the difficulties of the job firsthand! While being in possession of customer’s cars, there are many risks involved. Because of that, it is important to have On-Hook Towing Insurance. This protects you in case of an accident or damage caused to a customer’s vehicle. So, add on-hook towing insurance to your other coverages to ensure the safety of your business!

On-hook towing insurance covers the damages to vehicles if you are at fault. Accidents and unexpected incidents can happen while on the job. This insurance protects you from any of the following events:

  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Collision
  • Explosion
  • Vandalism

…and more!

San Diego Truck On-Hook Towing Insurance

San Diego Truck Insurance specializes in all commercial vehicle insurance! While On-Hook Towing Insurance policies can vary in price depending on different carriers, our agents can get you the best rate possible. We understand how important your business is to you and care about it as much as you do. Let us help you find the best on-hook towing insurance policy to work with your tow truck business.

Rates vary depending on different factors of your business and the types of truck you use – but don’t worry! We will work with you to get the best possible rate and insurance company for your needs. With our help, you can protect your business from any unexpected event.

Don’t hesitate and contact us at San Diego Truck Insurance today for more information or to receive a free quote for On-Hook Towing Insurance!

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