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What is Professional Corporation? (PC or PSC)

A professional corporation (PC) is different from a regular corporation in that all the shareholders need to be members of the same profession, involved in the same business. These types of corporations are also referred to as professional service corporations (PSCs). While the general category of a corporation can be an S-corp, C-corp, or LLC, it can have the subcategorization of a PC or PSC.

This type of corporation works well for people like doctors/physicians, attorneys, engineers, etc. The benefit for members of a professional corporation is that, while individuals may be subject to liability for their own negligence or malpractice, they won’t be liable for the actions of others in the group.

Let San Diego Truck Insurance Help You File as a PC or PSC

Do you want to file your corporation as a PC or PSC? Are you unsure of the exact procedure and paperwork you need to do this with your team? Don’t worry – our agents at San Diego Truck Insurance understand how detailed and confusing the filing processes can be!

That’s why we are here – in order to help you with all your commercial auto business needs. Our experienced, educated agents can walk you through the process of filing as a PC or PSC, making everything easy and simple for you. We are excited to help you with all of the requirements and necessary paperwork you need. Let us help you get your business up and running legally and smoothly.

Just contact us at San Diego Truck Insurance today and we’ll give you more information on filing as a PC or PSC!

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