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Refrigerated Trailer Insurance

Are you transporting perishable goods reliant on temperature conditions? Then, you are most likely using a refrigerated trailer.

Refrigerated trailers include insulation, ventilation or mechanical refrigeration systems. These systems keep the truck at a certain temperature. If you own or are an owner-operator of a refrigerated trailer, then you need to have the right insurance coverage. At San Diego Truck Insurance, we can help you find the best customized insurance plan!

Refrigerated Trailer Insurance with San Diego Truck Insurance

Unlike Dry Van Trailers, refrigerated trailers need expensive mechanisms to regulate temperature. So, when an accident happens, it could result in costly repairs. Let us help find the right coverage plan for you at an affordable rate.

In addition, refrigerated trailers may be vandalized or prone to theft. This occurs with these trailers just as it does with other trucks. Therefore, you need Liability Insurance. Not only is liability insurance required in the state of California for commercial trucks, but it also covers the costs in the event of an incident at the fault of a driver.

Cargo Insurance is not always a legal requirement, but it is an important protective measure when carrying perishable goods. If anything were to happen to your refrigerated truck causing the freight to spoil, you would be at fault. Cargo insurance protects you from financial responsibility.

San Diego Truck Insurance will be happy to assist you in creating a customized coverage plan for your needs. Additionally, our experienced agents are ready to provide you with a well-designed insurance plan that gives you great protection and fits any budget!

Call San Diego Truck Insurance today to get the right trailer insurance for you!

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