Ryder System Trucking Is Now Going To Shut Down Their California Office

Ryder System Trucking Is Now Going To Shut Down Their California Office

Ryder trucking systems are well-known for their fleet of commercial rental trucks and such. They specialize in fleet management, supply chain management, and also dedicated transportation management. They are a leader in fleet management across the board. You can see this is evident when looking at their supply chain management. As of a result, Ryder really knows what they’re doing. This is tough because sometimes what they know to do isn’t exactly what everyone else wants to be doing. Namely through major layoffs. Trucks are really what Ryder specializes in leasing and renting out. This makes you wonder if their choices are “ever better.”

As soon as December 6th hits, Ryder believes that they will be closing their operations in Tracy, California. Which, in-turn, will cancel out 132 jobs. Ryder has given no actual reason for the company closing down their area. But, you may say that it had something to do with soda, since that facility was involved in distribution for PepsiCo.

In a memo sent out to the employees, they made it very clear that this was never an intended circumstance. “We are writing to inform you of the anticipated plant closing/cessation of Ryder’s operations at the PepsiCo site located at 1565 N. MacArthur Drive. While Ryder is committed to retaining as many employees as possible, please be aware that a new operator is assuming and will be continuing the operations at the site.”

The company is able to handle 240,600 vehicles of the commercial variety, typically. There are about 319 facilities that collectively have 50 million square feet of warehouse space.

Ryder usually takes in about 36,100 individuals through the operations in the United States, Mexico, Canada and the United Kingdom. This is all relatively surprising but alas, Ryder is doing all they can to stay afloat.

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