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Semi-Truck Insurance

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Semi-trucks, or 18-wheelers, are vital to the economy. They transport most consumer goods.
Although, owning or operating a semi-truck comes with certain liabilities. That’s why having semi-truck insurance is crucial. Accidents happen, but when they do, you want to have the right coverage to ensure that your business is safe. Let San Diego Truck Insurance be your safety net.

Wondering what kind of semi-truck insurance is right for you?

Caring for one’s business is important! This includes finding the right protection at a reasonable rate to guarantee the safety of your goods and your business.

Firstly, liability insurance is legally required in the state of California. Liability insurance covers both property damage and bodily injuries that the driver causes.

Next, physical damage coverage is not required, but we recommend it. Physical damage coverage offers two things: collision insurance and comprehensive insurance. Collision insurance provides protection in case of an accident that requires repairs to your damaged truck. Also, you might need comprehensive insurance for your semi-truck. This covers accidents that happen off-road, like theft or fire.

Lastly, San Diego Truck Insurance also recommends cargo insurance. Cargo insurance is critical for safeguarding the valuable goods that your semi-truck carries.

Call us at San Diego Truck Insurance today to figure out the right kind of big-rig insurance for you.

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