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What is Sole Proprietorship?

A Sole Proprietorship is also known as sole trader, individual entrepreneurship or proprietorship. In this type of business, there is no real separation or legal distinction between the business and the owner. In fact, it is the simplest form of business!

Therefore, the person who owns the business is then personally responsible for debts or liabilities. Interestingly, a sole proprietorship can run under the name of its owner, or as a fictitious name. This name becomes its trade name, but it does not make a legal entity different from the owner. The advantages of using this form of business are that it is much more simple, easy to set up, and its minimal costs. To become a sole proprietor, you simply need to register your name and secure a local license!

Let San Diego Truck Insurance Help You File as a Sole Proprietorship

Do you want to file your corporation as a sole proprietorship? Are you unsure of exactly how to do so? While becoming a sole proprietorship is relatively easy, it is even easier with help from trained experts! Our agents at San Diego Truck Insurance understand just how overwhelming and intricate the filing processes can be! That’s why we are here to help all of our clients with their commercial auto business needs.

Our agents are trained, experienced, and educated to guide you through the process of filing as a sole proprietorship. This way, everything will be much easier for you. So, let us help you to better understand the requirements! Then, we can get your business up and running legally and smoothly.

Just contact us at San Diego Truck Insurance today and we’ll give you more information on filing as a Sole Proprietorship!

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