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Thanksgiving Thievery Starts Sneaking In On Cargo Haul Hindsight

Thanksgiving Thievery Starts Sneaking In On Cargo Haul Hindsight

This year, there is a report from CargoNet that Thanksgiving is going to warm up to be yet another devastating loss for truckers, carriers, and all of logistics. The reason why has to do with thievery and how likely it is that precious cargo may be gone by tomorrow. In the last five Thanksgiving holiday periods, CargoNet has seen one hundred thirty-seven theft incidents reported of items stolen from truck trailers. (Wouldn’t you believe it? California is the most targeted state in the USA!) This creates a loss value of $128,276 on average, per year. But the craziest thing is that throughout all those years, there totals a total loss value of $6,157,261.

The most common commodities that have been taken during Thanksgiving range from electronics to food. And beverages to household goods. It’s very strange too because thieves aren’t only breaking into parking lots. It’s also a matter of time before Warehouses and Secured Yards are also the site of a massive haul. How terrible it must be, to have twenty-seven thefts a year in the trucking industry, during the holidays.

According to CargoNet, Thanksgiving should include your truck and load in sight!

Cargo thieves are always trying to get away with stealing televisions, alcohol, and other items that very well have coverage during the holidays.

Thanksgiving is such a treacherous time for some individuals. In which case they should not be any further from their loads when only two-hundred-fifty miles away from the original pickup. Drivers are also responsible to be aware of vehicles tailing them. This is all for the greater good, as the CargoNet guys may assure you. How can you be sure that you’re not being a dope? Perhaps arrange for same-day delivery of short-haul shipments, while also embedding covert tracking devices and high-security locks in order to stop trailer burglaries from happening!

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