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Tips for Safe Trucking This Spring

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Even with the risks, trucking in the spring can be really great!
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Truck driving always has risks and issues the drivers face no matter when it occurs, but there are certain risks and issues that drivers face most prominently in different seasons. For example, in winter there are more complications for tires due to the cold weather and snow and/or ice on the ground. In this same way, there are more complications to different aspects in the spring. Here are our top tips to make your spring trucking easier and safer!

Anticipate Unpredictable Weather

One thing about spring that is predictable is that it is unpredictable. The weather is often hard to track as it can be sunny and warm out one second and then cold and rainy the next. Because of this, you have to simply be prepared for anything. We suggest staying up to date on weather predictions in order to have the best idea of what to expect, but still be prepared for other weather changes.

Do a Thorough Pre-Trip Inspection

To be absolutely safe, we believe you should thoroughly pre-check your vehicle anytime before you travel, but especially in the spring. Damage can occur in the winter especially, so if you last trip was in rougher weather, make sure you do an even more in depth check. Look at the health of your tires, brakes, turn signals, and windshield wipers. Additionally, confirm your gas tank is full and then head out on the road!

Look Out For Potholes

Something about the spring brings out the potholes in a plethora. Be sure to keep an eye out for them when on the road and adjust your driving accordingly. Whenever it is possible, go around the potholes, however if it cannot be avoided, slowdown your driving to go over the pothole at a safe speed in order to reduce damage.

Be Aware of More Road and Roadside Activity

Because spring does bring out nicer weather, people and animals become more active. This means more people on the road itself, as well as more pedestrians and animals out and about around the road. Be aware of higher populated areas as more people will likely be around and be aware of animals anywhere as wild animals could run onto the road at any time.

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