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Tow Truck Insurance

Do you own a tow truck, or are you the owner-operator of a tow truck? By towing disabled vehicles, tow trucks provide a valuable service to those who can’t move their vehicles themselves. Tow trucks are especially valuable in a city with heavy traffic, like San Diego. San Diego Truck Insurance offers tow truck insurance, which protects your business and what you’re towing.

What is the right tow truck insurance for me?

With someone else’s vehicle relying so heavily on your tow truck, it’s important to have adequate insurance that best fits your specific needs. The most important step a person can complete is getting the insurance that is legally required.

To start with the basics, the state of California requires liability insurance for any commercial vehicle within the state of California. Liability insurance safeguards all property damage and bodily injury if the insured tow truck is at fault.

Then, there are some coverage options that are not legally required, but just as important. These include physical damage insurance, on-hook towing insurance, and cargo insurance.

  • Physical Damage Insurance will compensate for any damage sustained in the accident, regardless of who’s at fault. Physical Damage Coverage consists of two parts, Collision Insurance, and Comprehensive Insurance. Collision insurance covers a tow truck in the case of a collision. While comprehensive insurance covers natural occurring incidents like a collision with an animal or a fire.
  • Then there is On-Hook Towing Insurance. This insurance is very important to protect the vehicle that the tow-truck is towing.  If one is a common carrier, this insurance is essential.

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