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Trucking Filings to Remember in 2023

You are currently viewing Trucking Filings to Remember in 2023
Remember to renew your registrations in 2023!
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It’s the New Year, which means that it’s time for companies to make sure they have all their ducks in a row. After all, if you’re a trucker or trucking company owner, you want to make sure you’re still compliant in 2023. You don’t want your business to falter because you forgot some paperwork! Here are the trucking filings that you should keep in mind for this year:


The International Registration Plan (IRP) and the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) are both incredibly important for interstate truckers. They allow you to drive across state lines without having to pay individual fuel taxes or registration fees. They also help keep the roads interstate truckers rely on much more functional. Your due date will vary based on when you first sign up for these programs, but you do have to renew every year. Make sure you know when your renewal will be due, and don’t miss it!

Insurance Coverage

Of course, you don’t have to renew your insurance coverage every year. However, the new year is a good time to check in with your insurance agent. Is your coverage doing what it needs to do for your business? Do you need to expand your coverage with things like umbrella insurance? It’s important to make sure that your insurance is working for you and your company. After all, that’s the whole point of having it, right?


Hopefully you remembered to do this before the new year! The Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) mandates that truckers renew their registration by December 31st of each year. Of course, you can still renew your registration, but you’ll have to pay a late fee. UCR renewal will reopen this year starting on October 1st, so make sure you’re ready for when that happens!

Make sure to think about these trucking filings, too!

This list includes some of the most important filings to keep in mind. However, that doesn’t mean that this list is exhaustive or anywhere near it. Those in the trucking industry should also keep things in mind like their biennial update, their quarterly weight distance tax filings, and any other industry-specific filings they may need to keep up-to-date on. After all, no one knows your company’s needs better than you. Just don’t forget about the trucking filings you need in 2023!

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