What To Consider When Buying An Earlier Model Of A Car You Want

What To Consider When Buying An Earlier Model Of A Car You Want

There are so many benefits to owning a car. Transportation, credibility, space, closure and just looking like a boss are among the many. Of course, there are drawbacks. You have to find parking, pay for gasoline and upkeep maintenance costs. What to consider most, however, is that you may be interested in buying an earlier model.

How’s The Odometer

You have to make sure, no matter which car you buy, that the miles traveled through that engine is enough to justify buying it. Too new and it’s too expensive. Too old? Chances are it’s only mere hundreds from breaking down. The chances of you surviving the length of the odometer are pretty huge.

The Fix Up of The Car is What to Consider Too

After all if you do get it from an auction, you’re likely to want to spruce it up. Take a good look at the interior. Maybe smooth out some of the scratches and dents. Make it appear brand new. Give it a fresh coat of paint, perhaps?

The thing about having an old car is that while it looks cool, it doesn’t change the fact it’s only mortal. The same goes for a Tesla. It’s also applicable towards a tank or a bicycle. No matter your form of transportation, no matter how cool, well-maintained or ability to roll-over (looking at you, dune buggies) it’s still going to be likely to die someday. Or I guess immortalized if you go to a car museum.

Nothing lasts forever. And it’s a bummer. Because we’re raised to believe that we deserve more than we have. But sometimes all we have is all we get. So why ask for more? Why expect more when there’s no point to it all?

Just get a Camry from the 90s. Don’t take a risk if you want to keep your insurance in check, maybe?

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